Muc-Off eBike Range

Muc-Off eBike Range

Clean, Protect and Lube With Products Developed Just For eBikes

With a profusion of wiring and connectors, it's best to keep water and harsh solvents away from your eBike. Muc-Off's eBike collection is designed to keep your bike clean, lubed and protected with a range of products specifically developed for eBike use. The range includes their innovative waterless wash, dry chain cleaner and an all-weather lube specifically designed for the high-torque seen by eBike drivetrains.

High-Performance Waterless Wash is a quick & easy to use spray which cleans and polishes in seconds without the need for water. It details your whole bike in seconds leaving behind a streak-free lustre. Its innovative formula is designed to encapsulate any surface dirt to prevent scratching. Use it to remove light contaminants in between major washes. MSRP $17.99

Advanced Dry Chain Cleaner quickly eliminates built up oil, grease and grime without the need for rinsing with water. Its unique dry ‘zero-residue’ formula means that it simply evaporates after cleaning, leaving the area clean with no residue. Works on even the toughest of grime, including waterproof grease and chain lube/wax residue. MSRP $14.99

eBike All-Weather Chain Lube is a high-performance synthetic chain lube specifically designed for the hi-torque loads applied to an eBike chain. The unique water repellent formula penetrates to create a durable protective coating which guards against corrosion and wear. A unique blend of extreme pressure additives ensures the lube can stand up to even the most powerful e-bike drivetrains. This is an excellent lube for on & off-road riding in all conditions under high torque loads. Unrivaled lube intervals will give you maximum protection over long distances. MSRP $15.99

eBike Wet and Dry Chain Lubes Proprietary ceramic formulations specific to wet or dry conditions, with integral Boron Nitride compounds for low friction and a unique eBike-specific lubricity pack to handle the higher torque loads of an eBike drivetrain. Also ideal for cables, shifters, derailleurs & pedals. MSRP $6.49

eBike Ultra Corrosion Defence uses state of the art anti-corrosion additives and inhibitors to provide class-leading protection against corrosion. The proprietary moisture-inhibiting formula drives out corrosive moisture and leaves a protective anticorrosive layer behind. Perfect for your eBike's frame, battery, battery terminals and metal parts. MSRP $17.99

About Muc-Off

Since 1994, Muc-Off has been dedicated to developing cutting edge care and maintenance products for anyone living an active lifestyle. With a wealth of experience in the bicycle, motorcycle, and automotive industries, Muc-Off is committed to bridging the gap between adrenaline-fuelled sports and quality care of equipment. Whether on a mountain, trail, or skatepark, Muc-Off is obsessed with creating innovative products that keep both you and your toys running at their maximum, and making them look like new when you’re done.

From distinctive bold branding, to iconic formulations that have stood the test of time, Muc-Off has become the care brand of choice for world-class athletes and enthusiasts alike!

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